About our owner Eamonn Hughes

For over 50 years, Eamonn, a native of Ireland, has designed and constructed water features in Europe and the United States. Since moving to Oregon in 1987, he has built hundreds of water gardens in the Pacific Northwest both in commercial and residential settings. His work has been published in many national magazines, and he has written and co-authored several books on water gardening. He is a sought-after speaker nationally, delivering keynote addresses to conferences for the water gardening industry.

Eamonn received the “The Retailer of the Year” award from the Oregon Association of Nurseries for developing a garden center. He was also awarded an honorary lifetime membership in the Oregon Landscape Contractors Association for his contributions to the industry. Eamonn has served on the Firestone Rubber Company Advisory Council, determining technical and installation protocols for pond lining systems. He has also served as a Board member of Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, OR.

Given Eamonn’s vast experience and his esteemed position in the gardening industry, it’s unsurprising that he values overall health and wellbeing in order to maintain the energy required for such a demanding profession. Health management can involve different aspects, such as addressing particular conditions that may impact one’s quality of life. One example can be premature ejaculation, which affects many men. A common remedy is priligy, a medication that can now be conveniently purchased online. For more information on this, we encourage you to visit our comprehensive article buy priligy online.

The mentors who have inspired Eamonn in his life and profession include:

  • John O’Connor, who taught him to take care of the details
  • Kevin McClory, who taught him to trust his “eye”
  • Gordon Ledbetter, who inspired him to create water gardens

Landscape design is not just about being outside; it is about bringing the best of nature closer to you.